Sunday, November 20, 2016

Road Trip Cabins

Better late than never, right? :) 

These cabins are seemingly in the middle of nowhere, you travel down dirt roads for miles to reach them and cell service is definitely non existent Staying in locations like this was what our vacation was all about ; rustic, adventurous, the unknown, pure peace and quiet, seclusion and not to mention affordable. Finding these cabins was what helped lay the route for our trip. 

The first cabin we stayed at was on night 5. Trout Creek Guard Station is located in the The Ashley National Forest in Utah. This picturesque cabin was my favorite. Inside it was equipped with a propane fridge,  propane stove, running water and a wood fired stove. It also had plates, utensils and cookware tucked into a hutch. It had lights, light switches and a solar panel outside, but somehow we couldn't get them to work. Trout Creek also has a table and chairs perfect for dining and a futon that we chose to sleep on vs the bunk beds. What was most notable about this cabin, and why it was my favorite, were the sprawling fields located in front and to the side of the cabin. We sat outside at golden hour watching many deer and elk come into the pasture to play, eat and relax. We repeated this with morning coffee and breakfast on the porch. It never got old. We took some time in the morning to explore the area and beautiful surroundings.

On day 6 we arrived at our cabin in Wyoming. Deer Creek Cabin is located about 20 miles from Jackson Hole. The cabin was in a more traveled area, but you still drive down a dirt road for 15 miles to reach it. In addition to a fridge and stove, we had propane lights, shiny white floors that smelled of cleaner, a hot water shower and indoor plumbing. Dishes and cook wear too. Deer Creek gets the most points for amenities!  While there wasn't much to see from the cabin porch, a short drive lead us to a secluded lake with stunning views. A favorite about this area was the US Forest service has horses that roam free, they even have their own guard dog!

And our last cabin adventure. On day 9 we arrived at Clear Creek Guard Station, in Idaho. The drive in was stunning with sprawling green hills and mountains in the distance, made especially memorable by two bald eagles soaring nearby. Upon arrival at Clear Creek, it is picturesque with its bright pine and cute little A Frame. But really, I would say it's more along the lines of a hunting shack. Fold down pieces of plywood make for sleeping shelves, but we opted for the quaint loft space with our sleeping pads. It does have a wood stove inside, as well as some rubbish, but that's about it. The outdoor fire pit and night time stars were the highlight of this cabin. 

 Each of these cabins can be reserved on Booking process is easy and straightforward. Deer Creek Cabin did require a permit which we requested be mailed to us and we were able to fax back. Calling the ranger district prior to going to double check the lock codes and ask any questions is always a good idea. I purchased maps for each of the areas that helped lead us to the destinations as well as help pinpoint cool destinations along the way and nearby.